Rent your piece of Luxury

Headband Sophie

Are you looking for a beautiful handmade accessory for your big day?

Renting is a sustainable solution for the modern bride.



How does it work?

1. Choose your favorite headband from the selection above

2. Fill in the form below to check for availability

    *We work on a weekly basis.*

3. Once we have confirmed availability for your selected style and color,

    you add the confirmed band to cart and check out.

4. We will email to confirm and double check the date.

5. You will receive the band a couple of days before the confirmed date.

6. Wear with pride, Look and feel beautiful and get married!

7. Carefully re-package the band as it came 

8. Stick the return label over the original label which you will receive via email.

9. Ship the band back to us a week after you've received it. Return date is on    the label.


Check our terms and conditions


We trust that our lovely costumers respect our rules and return our pieces in the same condition as received. So our pieces can be loved by many brides


Failing to return the band, you will be charged the remaining amount of the new band. If required legal action will be taken. 

Little Louisa with Clear Quartz

Fill in the form to check for availability

Please let us know

- The name of the band 

- Colour or Crystal

- Date you wish to rent 

and we will get back to you!