Luxury Bridal Accessories and Knitwear

Luxury Bridal Accessories


The perfect way to finish your look!

Our Bridal Headbands are pure handmade luxury. We always start with a knitted or crochet wrapped base. Alpaca, silk and mohair are the main fibers used in this collection. The headbands are hand embellished with semi-precious stones, minerals and crystals. Learn more about the meaning and powers of these beads. 



Coming soon are our hat bands, combs and pins.

Lola Pearl



Luxury Bridal Knitwear


Postponed your summer wedding? Style your summer look perfect for fall or winter with our Knitwear pieces. Alpaca silk and mohair mixed yarns, hand embellished. 



Hand made pieces using sustainable and luxurious materials like alpaca, silk, mohair or cashmere in different colors to match your look.


Embellished with beautifully hand embroidered beads and sequins for example or different kinds of locally sourced feathers. We can make fringes, leather or crochet and lace applications.





Maybe even antique family pearls or other items with a story or memories. We can personalize the pieces by hand embroidering initials, names and dates. Made to order.



Made to order hatband 

mohair silk and alpaca flowers with a real fresh water pearl in the middle. Hand beaded with silver thread and glass beads.